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Our Play Space

Our play space

We have a large indoor play space, which benefits from lots of natural light and direct access to the outside area.  We have all the activities you would expect to see in an early years setting, role play, playdough, water, painting, mark making, creating, puzzles, singing, construction,  music, stories, small world play, dancing, the list is very long!

We have a lovely outside area which we use all year round; there is always lots to do.  We have large fixed and non fixed play equipment, a vegetable garden and paved and grassed areas too.  Children really enjoy being outside exploring and investigating the weather, plant life, birds and mini beasts.  They learn to think for themselves about the weather and what that means in practical terms, if they need a coat, hat, sun cream?  Children are so excited to feel the rain/snow/wind/sunshine on their faces and how they can have different experiences.  Jumping in puddles, making snowmen, watching ice melt (how they can speed up and slow down the melting process), using wind sticks to see which way the wind is blowing and how they can make shadows that actually copy them.  How the weather can change things, like the sun evaporating water and drying their clothes when they get wet in the water tray.  They learn how to make their bodies move in lots of different ways. When they hop, crawl, jump, run, dance…  Children learn really valuable life skills such as how to change direction when moving so they don’t bump into others.

Then we add the toys!

Children develop their co-ordination and balance when kicking, throwing and catching balls, bean bags, walking on planks, stepping stones and riding bikes and scooters. They learn to co-operate and work with their friends. We use our outside space as an integral part of our provision, many of our activities are offered outside as well as in for example: painting, writing, water, role play, messy play, sand play, dancing, music, stories, singing, construction to name just a few.